Matt Durey

Being a part of SAMBa was a great way to broaden my research interests and to apply this knowledge to cross-displinary problems

Before joining SAMBa, I was at the University of Oxford.

My research was on classical pilot-wave phenomena, a dynamical system in which a millimetric droplet may bounce and self-propel on the surface of a vertically vibrating fluid bath, guided by its accompanying Faraday wave field.

My research was supervised by Paul Milewski, but I also spent three months at MIT as a visiting student, working with John Bush and Ruben Rosales. When I wasn’t doing maths, or boring people by talking about maths, I went climbing to stop myself thinking about maths…

I’m now an Instructor of Applied Mathematics at MIT, continuing my research in pilot-wave systems.

SAMBa helped me develop skills for pursuing a career in academia. SAMBa also supported my placement at MIT, which later led me to apply to MIT for the instructorship.

Alumni case studies

Will Graham

The ITTs were invaluable in providing experience in collaborating effectively with others on large projects, understanding and synthesising new information quickly, and liasing with academic leads and commercial partners

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Eleanor Barry

I joined thinking I wanted to do one type of PhD but ended up doing a completely different one due to the flexibility that was provided in finding/forming a PhD during the masters year

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Federico Cornalba

SAMBa’s most remarkable feature is the variety of study options it offers

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Paolo Grazieschi

I enjoyed the big portfolio of opportunities I was given, which I believe is an essential property of SAMBa and something which truly makes the programme worth it

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Ben Robinson

I really valued the experience of being part of a cohort of students in SAMBa, which guaranteed that we were not doing our PhDs in isolation, despite working intensively on independent projects

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Jack Betteridge

SAMBa exposes students to a wide range of cutting edge statistical and mathematical research that will be useful to them in their PhD and later career

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Sam Moore

Shortly after joining SAMBa I broke my neck in a bicycle accident. But thanks to the support from the amazing team, I was still able to make a success of my PhD. The SAMBa environment surrounds you with wonderful people and fantastic opportunities.

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Anna Senkevich

SAMBa provided a uniquely supportive yet challenging environment, in which one is encouraged to explore their interests and question their limits

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Adwaye Rambojun

The ITTs can be really fun. The best part is that each time you participate you come out with a head full of new ideas and knowledge. Truly amazing

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Emma Horton

Being part of SAMBa is like being part of a little community: everyone is super supportive and there is always someone to talk to if you need it (usually with cake!).

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