Antonio Pellegrino

Dr Antonio Pellegrino

My expertise lies in developing innovative experimental techniques to measure the mechanical response of engineering materials at high strain rates. I focus on understanding how variables such as strain rate, temperature, and environmental conditions affect lightweight reinforced polymers, titanium alloys, and cellular materials. Recently, I have developed a piezo-driven methodology for the synchronisation and timing of concurrent stress waves. The system allows for the synchronisation of tensile and shear stress waves and for the synchronisation of stress pulses in multiple directions.

I am also interested in applications of artificial intelligence in solid mechanics. I am actively involved in developing data-driven constitutive models to predict the mechanical behaviour of materials subjected to complex thermo-mechanical loading paths. These models account for various factors such as temperature, loading history, strain rate, and stress state, contributing to a deeper understanding of material behaviour in real-world scenarios.


Research Interests:

  • Experimental mechanics
  • Applications of artificial intelligence to Solid Mechanics and materials modelling.
  • Impact Engineering


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Dr Rosti Readioff

Rosti’s research is focused on developing and utilising a combination of cutting-edge experimental (e.g., non-contact optical methods) and computational (applied mathematics) methods to provide engineering solutions for advancing orthopaedic and dental treatments. The engineering techniques can include multi-scale experimental and computational approaches to study structural mechanics and material properties of natural and engineered tissues (biomaterials) and tribological analysis of human joints (e.g., knee joints). The outcome of such techniques can assist in developing new materials for implants and streamlining restorative procedures in orthopaedic and dental practices.


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Dr Hui Tang

Hui’s research is focused on modelling of flow and heat transfer in aero engines. The aim of her research is to develop physically-based 1-D models that can be used by engine manufacturers in the preliminary design phase. She is also working on developing Bayesian models to solve inverse heat transfer problems from experimental data analysis.


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Professor Carl Sangan

Carl’s research focuses on improving the efficiency of gas turbines for power generation and aerospace engines, with a particular interest in modelling the fluid mechanics and heat transfer inside rotating systems. Through theoretical and experimental studies he employs the approach that investigations into the underpinning fundamental science are key to understanding the complex rotating disc systems found within these turbomachines. The insight from this research informs the design of future engines and influences the design methods employed by engine designers.


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Dr Andrew Rhead

Andrew’s research focuses on the impact and damage tolerance of aerospace composite structures. He is particularly interested in the detection and modelling of mechanisms of failure and Non-Destructive evaluation (NDE) of impact damage.


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Dr Andrew Rees

Andrew’s research is primarily on the modelling of flow, heat transfer and convection in porous media with a particular emphasis on instability. Recent work includes the modelling of (i) heat transfer processes in highly heterogeneous media, and (ii) the flow of yield-stress fluids through porous media. Techniques such as network modelling, asymptotic theory and numerical simulations are used to these ends.


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Professor Andrew Plummer

Andrew’s interests are in modelling, dynamic analysis and computer control of mechanical systems. His research projects mostly fall in the field of motion and force control, including inverse-model based control of electrohydraulic servosystems, control of parallel kinematic mechanisms, and hybrid hydraulic/piezoelectric actuation. Applications include flight control systems for aircraft, active suspensions for road vehicles, and power take off systems for wave energy converters.


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Dr Hamideh Khanbareh

Hamideh is a materials scientist interested in smart materials, which are engineered with respect to their chemical composition as well as the structure at the micro-scale, for the next generation of sensors and energy harvesters. Her main focus is synthesis of biocompatible lead-free materials, porous structures, as well as large-area flexible devices. Synthesis, characterisation and modelling the behaviour of the newly developed materials are among her core activities.


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Dr Andrew Cookson

Andrew’s research applies computational modelling to a range of problems in cardiovascular biomechanics and medicine, from optimising medical imaging of blood flow to understanding the progression of heart disease. He also has research interests in fundamental aspects of fluid mechanics, including chaotic advection in laminar flows, and flow in helical pipes.


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