Santander UG Research Experience 2023

For women and people of under-represented gender identities who are UGs at the University of Bath.
Are you considering a career in research? Would you like to explore your potential and sample the research environment?

Emiko Dupont awarded LMS Emmy Noether fellowship

Congratulations to SAMBa alumna Emiko Dupont who has been awarded a London Mathematical Society Emmy Noether fellowship to expand her research on spacial statistics. Emiko is currently a postdoc in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath.

SAMBa ITT17: 30 Jan to 3 Feb 2023

ITTs take high level challenges from external partners and formulate them into mathematical questions that can be addressed through long-term research projects. Our partners for ITT17 are Mayden and the Environment Agency.

PhDay in the Life: SAMBa ITT16 – a video from the fantastic Behind the Research team

Come with us as we follow two PhD students through their experience of participating in the 16th SAMBa Integrative Think Tank (ITT) which was held in June 2022, and focused on "Tackling challenges in global energy provisions" with partners Schlumberger and the CEA.

Chile ITT 2022: 12-16 Dec 2022
16 November 2022

ITT Chile 2022 will take place from 12-16 Dec at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile. The event is organised by the Department of Mathematical Engineering and the Center for Mathematical Modeling of the University of Chile, together with the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Bath.

Meet the team Behind the Research!

Meet the team who have developed a fantastic new initiative 'Behind the Research' at University of Bath, funded by SAMBa CDT and the University of Bath Public Engagement Office. Their goal is to show you the realities of academia and the human side of research!