SAMBa experience

By joining the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics at Bath, you will be a member of a vibrant research centre and part of a growing generation of interdisciplinary mathematicians

Find out what some of our students enjoy
about the SAMBa PhD programme
The SAMBa experience

Participants at one of our Integrative Think Tanks tell you about our Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics.

PhDay in the Life: Introduction to ITTs

A short introduction to our PhDay in the Life: SAMBa ITT Vlog. This gives you the introduction to what actually is an ITT and highlights some of our favourite clips from the week!

PhDay in the Life: SAMBa ITT16

Find out what a SAMBa Integrative Think Tank (ITT) is like by watching this fantastic video put together by the amazing Behind the Research team, Kat Phillips, Jennifer Power, Sebastian Scott and Beth Stokes, who are all SAMBa students.

Elizabeth Gray

Elizabeth explains her time in SAMBa up to the third year of her PhD, including a trip to Mongolia to help teach statistics at a workshop on air pollution and policy. After SAMBa, Elizabeth moved to a postdoctoral position at Imperial College London working in epidemiological modelling.

Adwaye Rambojun

During his PhD Adwaye worked on machine learning algorithms for use in healthcare and benefited from an exciting research visit to Japan. Adwaye is now a Mathematical Innovation Research Associate within Bath IMI.

Malena Sabate Landman

Malena worked on regularisation methods during her PhD and then moved to a postdoctoral position at Cambridge

Where can statistical applied mathematics research take you?

As a SAMBa graduate, you'll be well set up for a career in academia, industry, or elsewhere. Our graduates have moved on to postdoctoral positions around the world, including MIT, Imperial College London, the University of Vienna, and the University of Warwick.

Others have moved to data science start-ups, actuarial firms, and pharmaceutical companies. Some even took time out to cycle across Kenya!