Salvador Esquivel

Salvador completed his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a Master's degree at UNAM.

Salvador completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Master’s degree at UNAM. During his Bachelor’s he focused on mathematical analysis and wrote a thesis about constructions of non-measurable sets in analysis. For his Master’s he focused on probability theory and stochastic processes and wrote a thesis about rough path theory. Outside Maths he enjoy playing piano, guitar and swimming.

Research project title:
A priori bounds for fractional SPDEs

Hendrik Weber

Project description:
Salvador’s research is in the field of singular SPDEs, more particularly in the fractional ϕ4 model which is an important model in Quantum Field Theory that arises as the natural Glauber dynamics in the Brydges-Mitter-Scoppola model. In recent years the theories of Regularity Structures and Paracontrolled Distributions have led to a lot of research for the non fractional ϕ4 model. The aim of the project is to extend some of this work to the fractional case by constructing a solution theory and a priori bounds to extend local in time existence of solutions.