Institute for Mathematical Innovation – Allen Paul

What did the secondment involve? 

During the secondment I built a generative model and a shape-based classifier for capturing variations in shape of hips with Dysplasia, one of the main risk factors for Osteoarthritis. This will potentially lead to a publication and can be a useful tool for the doctors with whom we work. This model can be useful for understanding modes of shape variation in hips, due to Dysplasia, as well as for a screening/risk assessment tool for assessing scans of patient’s hips, who may have Dysplasia and are at risk of developing Osteoarthritis.

Allen’s reflections on the experience: 

In terms of the benefits to me and my research, I developed further skills in Pytorch, and learned new frameworks such as PyKeops, to build algorithms for large scale shape processing, with extremely high dimensional data. As a benefit to my research, the frameworks and ideas I learned about during the placement were quite useful when translated to my work, and allowed me to scale up and improve my own algorithms. This also helped to formulate some interesting questions for my own research, through thinking about the problems encountered during the placement.

We plan to publish the outcome of the collaborative work done during the placement in an orthopaedics related journal, and I am open to collaborating on any further research directions that grows out of this project.

Working at the IMI was a lovely experience, and the team really made me feel welcome and helped settle into the new role. There was also a chance to learn about the other projects happening there, and chance for discussion and advice on your own research from the MIRAs.  I would absolutely recommend such an experience, as it not only allows you to widen your research background, but also to get an understanding of how valuable mathematical research can be in such a diverse set of problem domains, many of which I would not have been aware of prior to this.


Cummins Turbo Technologies – Kate Powers

I gained insight into what it would be like to have a career in industry. It was great to experience the culture in the offices, and the learn about processes they use to progress research and development projects.

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Roche – Lizzi Pitt

It was a great networking opportunity and a chance to experience what it would be like to work for Roche as a company.

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CASUS, Germany – Andrei Sontag

Much has been achieved with this visit and more is expected to come from it. All in all, it has been a fruitful experience, and I’d be happy to recommend it to both students and supervisors.

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University of Oxford – Chris Dean

...this placement has built a long-lasting collaboration for me which I believe will be extremely useful if I pursue academia in the future

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Cytel – Robbie Peck

My communication and collaboration skills benefitted from this experience, and I learnt about the working environment within a private company in the software industry

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Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – Laura Oporto Lisboa

I was able to meet amazing people from different backgrounds that helped me so much understanding the work and made me feel welcomed

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HSBC – Anna Senkevich

Doing an internship during my PhD was a great way to learn about opportunities to apply my technical skills to high impact real-life problems in the finance industry and to secure a permanent role in the team I knew I enjoyed working with

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Government Office for Science – Rosa Kowalewski

I highly recommend the internship to PhD students who are curious about research impact and policy and who are looking to gain work experience beyond academia and industry.

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UK Health Security Agency – Jason Wood

The opportunity to work in a fast paced, collaborative environment taught me a lot about both the internal workings of government and about best practises working in an agile environment.

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The Alan Turing Institute – Gianluca Detommaso

It has been a fun and constructive year...being away from a close supervision for one year helped strengthening my discipline and independence

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