Academic partners

We have a number of very strong links with academic institutions internationally. These links allow our students and academic staff to engage with high quality research in statistical applied mathematics around the world.

The Department of Chemical Engineering was one of the partners in ITT 6. My colleague Matthew Lennox and I presented the SAMBa students with a challenge to come up with a more intelligent way to screen a vast amount of porous solids for specific adsorption applications. First of all, it was very stimulating to work with a group of students who approached the problem in a very different way from how we as engineers think about it, and they were just amazing. They came up with an approach that involved assigning a barcode to each material and analysing these further. A literature search revealed a manuscript that had just been published in Nature Communications with a very similar approach which at first was disappointing. However, it turned out that the approach the SAMBa students came up with should be more flexible when looking at a variety of applications and we are currently pursuing these ideas further in a reading group project and with large data sets.

Professor Tina Duren,
Professor of Chemical Engineering
University of Bath

The Bath Beacon in Zero Carbon Offshore Power was a partner at ITT15. We went in with three quite broad questions relating to understanding the offshore power resource, modelling the physics of wind turbines, and predicting the stability of the electricity grid. It was great to see the students grappling with such a wide variety of problems; over the week we explored lots of approaches and I'm sure there are several projects that we'll pursue in the coming months.

Dr Anna Young
Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Leader of the Bath Beacon in Zero Carbon Offshore Power
University of Bath