Industrial partners

One of the major successes of ITTs is that the ideas generated are truly collaborative and ownership is shared between all the researchers involved. This means that each ITT continues to deliver long after the event has taken place.

We work with partners from industry and government agencies to deliver high quality collaborative research approaches, grounded in mathematical sciences with an application focus.

The contribution of SAMBa toward SLB's energy transition technology and providing global decarbonising energy is vital. Working with such talented and motivated SAMBa ITT students on planning, mathematical and statistical modelling, and machine learning is a pleasure.

Dr Priscilla Canizares, Senior Research Scientist, SLB

As research engineers from CEA, we are working with SAMBa on computational nuclear reactor applications. The staff is totally dedicated and the students are highly skilful in reformulating our problems mathematically. A great atmosphere for brainstorming and discussing with a versatile team!

Dr Ansar Calloo, Research Engineer, CEA