Further opportunities within SAMBa

Throughout your time in SAMBa, you’ll get many opportunities to expand your skill set and experience.

SAMBa offers many opportunities to get involved in activities that complement your research, build your skills base, or develop additional experience. Some of these you are expected to join, others will be part of your own journey through SAMBa.
PhDs in collaboration with external partners
Formulating ideas together leads to effective co-supervision of research

Through developing ideas at our Integrative Think Tanks and other multi-disciplinary events, we create PhD projects that are jointly delivered in collaboration with partners from industry, government agencies or other academic disciplines. The mathematical research is challenging and exciting and there are also clear applications. Most PhDs with joint supervision will give you the opportunity to spend time working at the partner organisation, whether in industry or academia.

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Integrative Think Tanks (ITTs)

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Building links internationally

The Department of Mathematical Sciences and SAMBa are very international in their outlook. This gives plenty of opportunities for you to engage with relevant research activity with overseas collaborators, or by spending time abroad.

As part of your PhD experience you will be able to participate in workshops or schools, extended research visits, or deliver your research with a co- supervisor from an international organisation.

SAMBa also runs special international events, such as overseas ITTs and capacity building workshops that deliver additional training and experience for our cohort of postgraduate researchers.

Internships – placements and secondments
We encourage you to explore opportunities to undertake an academic or industrial internship during your PhD research phase.

These valuable opportunities support and enhance your PhD and future career.

Placements form an integral part of your research activity, and will likely contribute to your final thesis, for example, spending time at a partner company or an overseas collaborator.

Secondments are usually on a topic or area tangential to your PhD research, and you will generally suspend your PhD studies for the duration. You will normally become an employee of the host organisation and will receive a salary.

Organisations where SAMBa students have spent time include:
Other Opportunities
Teaching experience

PhD students have the opportunity to tutor during their PhD to develop their teaching experience. You will be paid for the tutoring you do and our experience is that most postgraduates who tutor teach one or two tutorials per week. Tutorials are small group classes (16-40 students) to support first and second year lectures. The Department provides a training session in induction week, which new tutors must attend, and further training is available through the Doctoral College. You will also be paid for undertaking exam invigilation, marking, and checking of scripts.

Workshops and conferences

As part of your PhD, your training support budget will enable you to travel to and participate in conferences and workshops in the UK and overseas. This is a really valuable chance to meet people working in your field and develop a network of contacts for your future career. You will have the opportunity to co-organise various conferences and workshops in Bath and elsewhere.

Public engagement and outreach activities

Many staff and PhD students in the Department of Mathematical Sciences are actively involved in public engagement and outreach. This includes Royal Institution Masterclasses, school visits, science festivals, and on-campus events.

Training workshops

You can get involved in the delivery of training workshops overseas to those interested in using statistical applied mathematics techniques to deliver impact, for example in Mongolia or Paraguay

Skills training

The University offers a programme of doctoral skills training. These workshops and courses are intended to support your skills development throughout your doctorate and beyond.