Paolo Grazieschi

I enjoyed the big portfolio of opportunities I was given, which I believe is an essential property of SAMBa and something which truly makes the programme worth it

Before SAMBa I was a Master’s student, first at the University of Pisa and then at the University of Warwick. In both cases I was studying Mathematics and specifically Probability, Statistics and Stochastic Analysis. In Pisa I graduated with a thesis on biological models of the human brain, while in Warwick I started a project with Professor Hendrik Weber which eventually became my PhD project. During SAMBa I had the important opportunity to explore different possibilities for me and my future. My PhD project was truly rooted in Stochastic Analysis and Pure Mathematics (my goal was to prove convergence of a particle system to the solution of a singular Stochastic Partial Differential Equation), but parallel to that I could complete a Research Internship in Machine Learning, as well as take part in applied IITs, an essential part of the SAMBa programme. Also, I had the possibility to take part to international conferences, both in Europe and overseas, which greatly improved my enthusiasm and my interest in what I was doing. I enjoyed the big portfolio of opportunities I was given, which I believe is an essential property of SAMBa and something which truly makes the programme worth it. Not to forget that the city of Bath is amazing, one of those places where life flows happily.I am now a Data Scientist building AI models for banks. While my PhD studies do not directly apply to my job, the SAMBa programme and my PhD were still essential for me. They helped me build a broad overview of science and a rigorous and scientific methodology.

Alumni case studies

Adwaye Rambojun

The ITTs can be really fun. The best part is that each time you participate you come out with a head full of new ideas and knowledge. Truly amazing

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Marcus Kaiser

The SAMBa team understands how to efficiently bridge the gap between the abstract world of mathematics and statistics to industrial research

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Will Graham

The ITTs were invaluable in providing experience in collaborating effectively with others on large projects, understanding and synthesising new information quickly, and liasing with academic leads and commercial partners

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Shaunagh Downing

My experience in SAMBa shaped me as a versatile researcher with the ability to use maths to make an impact.

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Gianluca Detommaso

SAMBa offers high level training in statistical and applied mathematical disciplines, as well as direct engagement with industrial partners

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Dorottya Fekete

I was able to use the SAMBa training in statistics, to support training workshops in Mexico and in fact took a break from my PhD to take on a statistics teaching assistant role.

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Margaret Duff

(My supervisors) encouraged me to take my own research direction, guided by my interests, and to be involved in the wider community, presenting at and attending a wide range of national and international conferences

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Sam Moore

Shortly after joining SAMBa I broke my neck in a bicycle accident. But thanks to the support from the amazing team, I was still able to make a success of my PhD. The SAMBa environment surrounds you with wonderful people and fantastic opportunities.

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Aoibheann Brady

I had the opportunity to get involved in some international training and capacity building activities with international partners and was able to travel to Brazil and Mongolia to share my knowledge of statistical methods and applications, which was really rewarding. 

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Owen Pembury

I can't imagine studying for my PhD anywhere other than SAMBa

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