Aoibheann Brady

Before joining SAMBa, I did a BA at Trinity College, Dublin and then worked for a short time at Deloitte. 

My research explored methods to detect and attribute changes in flooding and other environmental variables. This resulted in methods for the detection of spatially coherent trends in environmental data. 

I also had the opportunity to get involved in some international training and capacity building activities with international partners and was able to travel to Brazil and Mongolia to share my knowledge of statistical methods and applications, which was really rewarding. 

I’m now working as a postdoc in the Geography department at the University of Bristol analysing data to understand changing sea levels. 

SAMBa gave me a broad background in statistics, numerics and modelling and demonstrated how these techniques could be applied to a variety of applications. It gave me confidence that I could take my academic knowledge and apply it to important and high impact questions within environmental areas.

Alumni case studies

Jack Betteridge

SAMBa exposes students to a wide range of cutting edge statistical and mathematical research that will be useful to them in their PhD and later career

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Gianluca Detommaso

SAMBa offers high level training in statistical and applied mathematical disciplines, as well as direct engagement with industrial partners

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Zsófia Talyigás

I found the one-on-one reading courses an incredible opportunity to both learn about a topic in detail, and to get to know a potential area and supervisor before starting my PhD

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Federico Cornalba

SAMBa’s most remarkable feature is the variety of study options it offers

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Margaret Duff

(My supervisors) encouraged me to take my own research direction, guided by my interests, and to be involved in the wider community, presenting at and attending a wide range of national and international conferences

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Dorottya Fekete

I was able to use the SAMBa training in statistics, to support training workshops in Mexico and in fact took a break from my PhD to take on a statistics teaching assistant role.

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Anna Senkevich

SAMBa provided a uniquely supportive yet challenging environment, in which one is encouraged to explore their interests and question their limits

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Will Graham

The ITTs were invaluable in providing experience in collaborating effectively with others on large projects, understanding and synthesising new information quickly, and liasing with academic leads and commercial partners

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Robbie Peck

You get a lot of freedom to choose your research area...and there is a wide range of research areas within the department from which to choose

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Eleanor Barry

I joined thinking I wanted to do one type of PhD but ended up doing a completely different one due to the flexibility that was provided in finding/forming a PhD during the masters year

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